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Currently, Cancer Free

Well, we are still reveling in the great news that our recent PET scan showed No Evidence of Disease. Getting back to normal life is so comforting. We have been exercising this week, and doing normal work and life things.

One noticeable side effect from the Yervoy, I believe, is an unusual rash I develop nightly while sleeping. It will randomly pop up in multiple places like my legs, shoulders, and my back. I usually wake up in the middle of the night with bumps that are very itchy, and then I put some Benadryl to relieve the problem. After about an hour, the Benadryl will provide some relief. The rash never shows in the same place twice, and each night I have various number of locations. Last night it was 5 locations all across my legs, elbows and back. Then, when waking up, there was more on my stomach and right knee, after Benadryl resolved the first 5 overnight. Very strange!

I can only theorize that this is a side effect from the Yervoy, which is still in my system and will continue working in my body for up to a year from the last infusion.

I can only hope all these side effects will go away soon, and life will truly get back to normal. It is with such great joy, we can say we are cancer free!

GI doctor

I visited my GI doctor today and said I currently have no symptoms. He said “Great!” Just call me if you have symptoms again!

So glad to hear that, plus I can stop the ulcer medication, Nexium.

So tomorrow will be my first day of absolutely no prescription medications. I am currently only taking some supplements to strengthen my intestines and increase those good bacteria to help with digestion.

So good to be feeling “normal” again.

No Evidence of Disease


You heard right, PET scan shows no disease right now. We will scan again in 6 months.

We are all very happy! I told all my family today and look forward to going back to normal life.

Columbus Day hiking with boys

4 wonderful words

No Evidence of Disease!

We are so happy to report the findings from yesterday’s PET scan, being all clear!!! We can’t contain our excitement.

We are so grateful for all your support and prayers. We will never give up, and this is wonderful news to share. Hopefully, we can get back to a normal life, and plan for the future. That is something you don’t do when faced with cancer, is plan too far ahead. We now have 6 months until the next PET scan, and look forward to many days of thinking about life and not cancer.

We know this is not remission, and there is always the possibility of spreading in the future. But, for right now, we are disease free! Never Ever Give Up!!!!

Have a great weekend!!!


Oct 9
PET scan day! 4 hours of fun, haha. It went well and we will see doctor tomorrow.

PET scan day! 4 hours of fun, haha. It went well and we will see doctor tomorrow.

Oct 8

Steak & Eggs

Well, tomorrow I do my semi-annual PET scan. There is a strict diet from 1pm the day prior. Basically you are only allowed to eat grilled meat with no sauces, and eggs, plus nuts.

So my beautiful wife cooked me a juicy NY steak and scrambled eggs for dinner. She is so awesome, and even made me lunch for after my scan. She made salmon for herself to eat for dinner tonight and my lunch tomorrow is salmon also. After midnight, I am on a water only diet, until after the scan.

They do this because they do not want any sugars in my body. They will infuse a radio active dye, that is sugar based, and will be attracted to any large cancer tumors. This will then be represented on the images of my whole body, and we can determine if there are tumors, old or new.

If we find any, they will most likely order CT scans to get a more accurate image of those tumors. The PET scan is more of a broad picture, not clear and concise like the CT scans.

Dinner was great, and I’m already looking forward to lunch tomorrow. But, I’m more anxious to hear the results of this scan, and whatever we find, we can chart our course to continue to battle this disease.

Never give up!

Oct 7

Feeling better than the last few weeks

I have to admit, those antibiotics must have helped. My pains have gone away and I’m feeling better. It is nice to be going to work and not suffering each day. I know I have not been exercising, so that is our next goal. My stomach feels good, and I’m not having any issues right now.

This week I’m looking forward to this PET scan to determine if there are any tumors that need attacking. The PET scan is more of an overall, whole body cancer scan. Once the doctors see anything suspicious, they will follow up with CT scans which are more accurate photos of the area in question.

There is a special diet the day before a PET scan. They take out all the sugars from my diet, so currently that will work since we are on a “No sugar” diet. But for me the reward is having steak and eggs for dinner tomorrow night. Unusual maybe, but for me, something different. Just wish I could dip it in steak sauce, or ton-katsu sauce! haha!

Oct 3

Eating differently

It was suggested that I try a “No Sugar” diet to help my intestines, and we adopted this yesterday.

It is quite challenging, and we learned I can only eat meat, vegetables and brown rice. We will try for a few months to see if it helps with the abdominal pains, and my digestion.

Already being vegan made this change a little easier, and we are creating new recipes like taco salad with ground turkey meat and no cheese or sour cream. Guacamole and salsa made the salad delicious! We also have a grill to heat up some chicken thighs, and have been seasoning with pepper and Sage. Trick is to not overcook the chicken, or else it becomes jerky! Other dishes have been baja bowls with grilled chicken, beans and veggies over rice.

Learning a lot about our bodies, and how to help ourselves!

Oct 1

PET scan scheduled

I received notice the insurance gave approval of the PET scan, and then I got a call for scheduling my PET scan.

October 9th, we will do a 3 hour PET scan, and follow up with the Oncologist the following day.

I am very anxious about this scan since my ENT recently could feel a lump in my neck lymph nodes, and I look forward to knowing how we will treat anything we find.