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Good news and Bad news

So the good news first, they found a bacterial infection in my intestines. The bad news, they found a bacterial infection in my intestines called C. diff.

Chlostridium diffiicile is basically colitis, a side effect from the Yervoy treatments. Colitis, if not treated, could lead to perforations or holes in my intestines. So far, I’m not advanced, and starting the antibiotics today, so it should clear within 10 days.

I’m hoping it helps within 72 hours, so next week I can go back to being normal, but we will have to be patient.

Congrats to all those new iPhone 6 owners who were able to pick up their devices today. I look forward to trying one of yours, and you can test my LG G3 Android phone.



Today the doctor ordered my PET scan and will schedule once insurance is approved.

Also GI doctor found I have C. diff infection in my intestines and is prescribing antibiotics. Hope that helps get rid of this stomach pain. It could have been caused by Yervoy but who knows. It could lead to perforations in my intestines, so let’s start those antibiotics.

Apple Fanboy

Many of you know I am an Apple Fanboy. I am a video professional who uses Apple computers to edit videos for broadcast TV. I like the ease of use and simplicity of Apple products and Noreen converted me to an iPhone 4 in 2010. The simplicity of connecting the phone to my computer and syncing with iTunes amazed me. In 2012 we both upgraded to the latest iPhone 5 and enjoyed it. At home we have an iMac and iPad and iPods plus Apple TV. We can stream, share, it’s nice to connect them all.

Today Apple released iOS 8 for newer devices, and I upgraded our iPhones after dinner. I look forward to trying it out, but our iPhones are currently only used as iPods. Last month Noreen and I converted to Android, please don’t yell at us. We wanted better batteries and bigger screens. Noreen upgraded to a Samsung Galaxy S5 with 5.1 inch screen and 13 hour battery life. I chose the LG G3 with 5.5 inch screen and 11 hour battery. I saw the rumors of this upcoming iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, and the iPhone 6 battery worries me. I don’t think it will be much better than an 8 hour battery. Plus Apple finally admitted that our iPhone 5 batteries were defective and replaced them for free last week.

Anyway, Noreen and I have been on Android for about a month now, and there was a learning curve to the phone and OS. But, we love them now. I don’t have to charge 3X a day like before, and the screen is huge. If you will be in line Friday enjoy that new iPhone 6, but Noreen and I will be sleeping in!!!


During these insomnia times, I really appreciate my internet, Xbox, Netflix and wireless Astro gaming headset.

Those 4 things allow me to sit in my living room at 3am and watch streaming videos off Netflix in quiet to the rest of the house.

I have been watching a favorite of mine called Sons of Anarchy.

That is what I’m doing right now!

6 hours sleep over 48 hours

Well, I’m keeping track of my sleep, because there are a lot less numbers to add. Sunday night I captured 1.5 hours and Monday around 5 hours.

It’s weird because I never get tired during the night or day, so it is not like after the past 48 hours I’m feeling drained. I still have energy to keep going, but not like exercise energy. It is just my body won’t shut down, kind of feeling.

I’m pushing through the stomach aches and headaches for now. The B12 shot did take away a little of the tingling in my ankles, but now I have been having knee pains.

Behind my knees, I feel fatigue and weakness in the tendons or muscles. This makes me walk like I ran a marathon the day before. It also feels better in the mornings and gets worse as the day goes on. I will ask the doctor about this when I meet him again on Thursday.

And a new side effect, I think because of lack of sleep, my eyes are getting tired or sore. Maybe it’s dryness since they are open 42 hours over a 48 hour period. Tomorrow I will visit my eye doctor and get some help.

Pushing through the best I can! Keep up this fight!


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This story is out of UCLA and is an interview with my oncologist there and PD-1. I am not currently seeking treatment at UCLA since not qualifying for the clinical trial.

Merck got FDA approval, so if I don’t show results from my current Yervoy treatment, I may be able to receive PD-1, Pembro here in Hawaii at The Queen’s Medical Center soon.

Birthday celebration for my stepson, he turned 11 years old today. We celebrated by having “sherbert” for him and then playing video games st Dave & Busters. We finished the night with dinner at Big City Diner where he got a sundae also! The family had a blast and I pushed through the pain and survived! Family celebrations are important and I wasn’t going to stay home sick for this one.

Good weekend

Well, I knew going into this weekend I was not feeling well. So my only goal, after 3 months of not taking care of this, was to get a haircut. I am glad to announce, I have a clean haircut and feel great I completed that goal yesterday.

Besides that, I stayed at home resting all day with a severe headache. I took some Percocet, and it helped the pain. I would say the pain all over is not as bad as the past few weeks, so I am grateful for that. We will continue to monitor and cross our fingers, get better each day!

X-ray today

This morning I had a scheduled intestinal X-ray. I had to fast since dinner yesterday, and then drink a barium shake (16 oz). That was the worse shake ever! CT scan berry is better, and that is not saying much! haha

The results were negative for any problems in my intestines. The doctor took live X-rays during a 2 hour period, and he did not see thickening or any abnormalities. That is good, but not having an answer to my continuing abdominal pain, is bad.

I will follow up with my GI doctor in the next week or so and see what else we can do.

Meanwhile, I got 2 hours of sleep, and am tired. The B12 shot to help my tingling legs is not helping yet. So I continue to have headaches, fogginess, abdominal pain and tingling legs.
But hay, TGIF, it’s Friday!!

Have a great weekend!!

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