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Sports on weekends with boys.

Good weekend

I believe that I am starting to slowly feel better. The antibiotics seem to be controlling abdominal pains and GI issues, so this weekend has been very happy for us.

Saturday we were able to attend some of the boys sporting events. Sage is playing basketball, and Cheynne is doing Cross Country. It was wonderful getting out of the house and watching them. I am so proud of our boys!

Sunday Noreen and I got chores complete, watched some football, and generally relaxed. I feel good, and can only complain about knee pain in both legs. Not sure if it is muscle or tendon related, but seems to slowly get worse throughout the day. I will be asking my oncologist more about this. He has been giving me a B12 injection once a week to help with the tingling in my ankles, but this feels more like muscle or tendon issues near my knees. He did ask me to take B6, the first time I brought it up and I have been taking 2 a day. So I’m not sure it is the same issue with what the B6 should be helping with. We will look into it further.

I followed up about scheduling my PET scan, and my oncologists office said they are still waiting for insurance approval. We are all our own advocates for healthcare, and I will be calling my insurance tomorrow to clear this up, or find out why it is taking so long. With my disease, the doctor has ordered the PET scan every 6 months, so I cannot understand why the insurance is holding up approval for a necessary scan to find tumors in my body.

I am keeping up the fight! I hope you had a great weekend.


Got to celebrate the end of an era tonight. My boss Roy, retired after 37+ years at Queen’s. He built and was Director of Creative Services, where I am Sr. Video specialist. It was an honor to learn from him about marketing and life. Good luck buddy and enjoy your family!

Got to celebrate the end of an era tonight. My boss Roy, retired after 37+ years at Queen’s. He built and was Director of Creative Services, where I am Sr. Video specialist. It was an honor to learn from him about marketing and life. Good luck buddy and enjoy your family!

Just Pushing through this

Well, I was hoping this would have been all cleared up by now, but the antibiotics are only reducing some of the abdominal pain. I’m back down to 170 lbs. due to the diarrhea.

I am eating chicken for lunch and dinner, since I have lost weight again. So tonight I slow cooked a crock pot of Barbecue Chicken for all the boys, and myself tonight. Noreen went out to the Pacific Edge Magazine awards dinner with some friends. I’m glad they treated her to a fun girls night out!

Doctor news this week, I called to follow up with my insurance approval and the oncologist office said they are still waiting for approval to do the PET scan. My GI doctor is away on a trip, so I will schedule a follow up appointment Monday when he returns.

So anxious about these upcoming scans!


Noreen recommended I try Zzquil, a sleep aid, to try and get off this insomnia trip. They come in a dosage of 2 caplets, and are easy for me to take, but I found I wake up very groggy and cloudy the next day. I do manage to get more sleep, and my body really needs that rest.

So I am now trying just 1 caplet, and found this morning that it is a good balance. I slept 5 hours from 11pm - 4am, and am feeling energized and ready to go today.

It is a good thing, because work is getting a lot more busy with my new boss. In June my former boss retired, we miss him, but understand change happens. We are moving forward and I know I am focused on serving the mission of my hospital, as an employee, and as a patient.

The Queen’s Medical Center is the only hospital in the country to be founded by Ali`i (Royalty). King Kamehameha IV and Queen Emma went door to door to raise funds in 1859, and those funds were matched by the legislature at the time. There mission lives today and is being served in perpetuity.

If you have never been, please check out the website and look through the history if you would like to learn more:


40 mg per day now

Today I began my Prednisone daily amount of 40 mg per day. I have tapered down from 80 mg per day, and am now counting the days until I get off this monster of a prescription.

The insomnia persists and the fat is depositing in my face. These are all related to the Prenisone, so I am ready to get rid of it sooner rather than later.

Going to War

I am a Warrior!

Right now, I am a cancer Warrior, but in my heart, I have always had the heart of a warrior, and this is the fight that is going to show it!

I reached out to many of my friends, locally and across the mainland this, weekend to discuss my journey. I am so grateful to have information from other patients, friends and family and the support helps me make better decisions and to find more strength within me! Thank you, to all of you, for replying or being there for me!

I learned a few things, first, I am an optimist and not a pessimist. But, I plan for the worst and hope for the best when it comes to these type of things. I do not want any surprises, but know the more information I have the better decisions I can make for me and my family. When you go to battle, you don’t dream of winning. Soldiers educate themselves and do reconnaissance to learn about your enemy.

If Yervoy does not help my current tumors, then we must move on. No one disagrees with me on that. We will do scans by the end of the month, we are waiting for insurance approval and scheduling.

Moving forward, since mucosal melanoma is so rare, and there is so standard of treatment with chemotherapy, our next medicine is Keytruda, made by Merck. The FDA just gave them approval earlier this month, and The Queen’s Medical Center is offering it to patients at the Queen’s Cancer Center. My doctor is aware that others in his practice are treating a patient with it, and we are anxious for my scan results.

Knowing that Keytruda, could be in my future, please remember that it is not a silver bullet. It does not mean it will cure a patient who has mucosal melanoma. There are several hundred patients with all types of cancer across the mainland who are currently being treated with Keytruda, and not all our seeing positive results. I keep in touch with a few, and while they are seeing some tumors shrink, they have found other tumors not being controlled.

Again, I’m not being a pessimist, but please remember, I would rather plan for the worst, and hope for the best!

I am pushing through again this week, and hoping my antibiotics will kick in soon and stop my bacteria infection in my intestines. So far, I take it like clock work every 6 hours, but have not had relief in my GI yet, 7 more days.

Funny how this insomnia is not taking away my energy, because I’m coming up with lots of ideas and home and work. Noreen, tells me, can you give me some of that energy, because I’m talking too much lately. I’m a prednisone monster, haha, but surviving. Or maybe just watching too much Sons of Anarchy!


Resting through the weekend

I woke up Saturday with a fever, and called the doctor right away. Having an intestinal infection raised my awareness of other symptoms, like a fever. I continue to have all the other issues, so he told me to take some Acetaminophen and go to the ER should the fever rise to 101.5 or higher.

The Acetaminophen worked, and the fever went away, but all the other symptoms persisted. So I have spent the weekend just relaxing at home watching TV and helping with small chores.

Noreen has not had a day off for 12 days, so she was glad to do the same. And today being Sunday we are watching football!

Enjoy your weekend!

Good news and Bad news

So the good news first, they found a bacterial infection in my intestines. The bad news, they found a bacterial infection in my intestines called C. diff.

Chlostridium diffiicile is basically colitis, a side effect from the Yervoy treatments. Colitis, if not treated, could lead to perforations or holes in my intestines. So far, I’m not advanced, and starting the antibiotics today, so it should clear within 10 days.

I’m hoping it helps within 72 hours, so next week I can go back to being normal, but we will have to be patient.

Congrats to all those new iPhone 6 owners who were able to pick up their devices today. I look forward to trying one of yours, and you can test my LG G3 Android phone.



Today the doctor ordered my PET scan and will schedule once insurance is approved.

Also GI doctor found I have C. diff infection in my intestines and is prescribing antibiotics. Hope that helps get rid of this stomach pain. It could have been caused by Yervoy but who knows. It could lead to perforations in my intestines, so let’s start those antibiotics.